How many languages does Babylon Translations Ltd support?

We specialize in Arabic (with all its dialects), the languages of Southwest Asia (Pashto, Farsi/Persian, Dari, etc.) and Turkish. However, we have access to a large network of competent linguists and we can cater, and have catered, to other languages.

Which subjects do you handle?

We specialize in commercial/financial, computer/IT, legal, marketing, medical and military translation.

Which file types can you translate?

We can translate almost any file type, including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), all Adobe products, Image files and other. Simply forward us your file and we will reply with a detailed quote.

Who will translate my document?

All our in-house linguists are highly qualified and experienced, and we also work with extremely competent and certified freelancers. You can rest assured that your project is in the hands of people who are well educated and experienced in the specific field.

Do you provide interpreting services?

Yes. Just fill out the form here which will provide us with the necessary information to find the most suitable interpreter for your request. Babylon has lots of experience in the interpreting field and can offer face-to-face interpreters, public service interpreters, business interpreters, medical interpreters, telephone interpreters and military interpreters. With many of our interpreters holding higher security clearance (including up to DV level) we are able to undertake highly sensitive Defence-related work.

How quickly can you translate?

This depends on how large and technical the document is. In general, linguists are able to translate around 2000 words per day. This may vary depending on the complexity of the document.  We prefer to use one translator per project to ensure consistency throughout the text. However, we can also manage larger projects with tight deadlines by using two or three translators and a special consolidation process.

Can I request a test translation?

Yes. We are happy to translate up until 300 words for free, however; this test translation is only available for companies with a valid VAT number. We ask you to provide us with a piece of text to translate rather than send you a sample of our work, due to our client confidentiality policy.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

Babylon is bound by the confidentiality regulations detailed in the ISO accreditations. Furthermore, both we and the translators working on your project are obliged to sign a confidentiality agreement, should you request this. We are very sensitive to this matter and take all necessary procedures to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients’ data. 

Does Babylon use Machine Translation?

No, Babylon only works with highly professional human translators. Machine translation cannot produce an accurate and correct translation. Computer-Assisted translation tools are used to aid in the process of translating, including translation memory software and terminology databases, which ensure consistency of terminology and a high standard of translation.

How do you calculate your fees?

Our quotes are based on a per word basis and depend on word count, subject matter, file type, format, and preferred deadline. To obtain a free quote click here and you will receive a detailed quote within a few hours.

How can I pay for my translation?

Invoice is our standard payment methods for businesses.

How can I send my documents?

You can send your documents via email or using the dedicated quote form on our website.